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Asus router throttling speed

asus router throttling speed Asus is rolling out new routers with powerful processors that can do exceptionally well with VPN encryption. Asus RT-AC68U Wireless Router - http://amzn. net to find out how fast your internet is under normal circumstances. 11ac 5GHz: 2,167 Mbps, 2. The downstream is the maximum quantity of data that the user can receive from the internet; this is specified by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). 90 firmware for our testing. First of all, you should get on an internet speed test website. If you are using a typical home router, this will begin with 192 or 10 and consist of four parts, for example 192. 1300 Mbps 802. 0 port you may want to choose that one as it likely receives more power. a). 0 Gbps for the speed. com/forum/r29743167-Signals-Report-16- Luckily, you can change these speed-throttling options and get faster upload and download speeds on your Windows 10 computer. The Asus RT-AX88U is the best Wi-Fi 6 router we've tested to date. I'm at a loss. Still no good results 5. 11ac mode) and then the three spatial streams on the 2. 0. 2 XT8 routers in diagonally opposite corners of the house (approx 8m by 8m) and the house is 3 floors (so a decent size). After running for ~1 month and getting use to the new UI, I decided it was safe to upgrade from Home computer as well (ASUS P8Z77-V LK, 32GB men, etc. b) Understand M1 is recommended by many users. 32 and my download speed has dropped from 250mbps down to 2mbps. . 00 Last one Free shipping UDP 443 - huge packet loss with speed throttled to 10-18mb. 11ac specimen that’s supposed to hit speeds of up to 1. You are surfing the Internet at a swell speed of 50 Mbps and suddenly there is a drop to a mere 3-4 Mbps. NOTE: You’d better set static IP Address on your local computers or configure Address reservation on the wireless router in order to manage easily. The router sports 512MB of RAM, 128MB of flash memory, and uses an Intel (Lantiq) dual-core 1. 73Gps—or just over 216MB/s. Step 2 If the wired speed is normal, please check the association speed between your PC and the router. tv [151. 168. Hi need help. 0. = Get ZenBooster Router for the Most Discounted Price Online Safe and Secure Purchase. dslreports. 0 (38Mbps Down, 27Mbps up). I believe Rogers is throttling all download protocols. Use ONT, M1 has IPv6, throttling is not serious among 3 big telco. Download is fine, but when using the Smart Hub 2, upload is still locked to my old package upload (51mbps) and the BT speed test in the app confirms that upload speed. DD-WRT provides detailed guides for how to install its software on your router, based on your make and model. For our medium distance test, we had the router and the computer separated by about 35'. The router supports 600Mbps and 1,300Mbps speeds on the 2. For this reason, check out all the following steps to limit wifi speed in Tenda router. With the Asus my connection is a steady 5 bars, at 144. 5 GB of data. Using a second LAN cable, connect it from the Router LAN port to the computer LAN port. If I speed test Asus 2G wifi I get 80+ up and down. 11g, IEEE 802. [In fairness, my VPN is currently down now, and I should retest this with the VPN in operation. Threshold 300 GB Unlimited Package Speed 30 Mbps Upload Speed 5 Mbps Throttling Speed 2Mb Install Transmission on ASUS Router April 5, 2019 February 12, 2020 WebBanshee Hello folks, after I flashed the firmware on my RT-AC87U to Asuswrt-Merlin and installed Entware the next step was to install Transmission. I have another one at a remote shooting range to provide WiFi there. If your maximum network speed is, for instance, 1 Gbps and your router’s maximum speed is 100 Mbps, it’s obvious that it will throttle your connection and slow it down. 2 Gbps on the 5 GHz band and a speed of 574 Mbps on the 2. LAN port of the ASUS modem, put Telstra modem in DMZ of ASUS modem and turn off SIP ALG in the ASUS modem. 11ac at 5 GHz gives Gigabit wireless data rates, while Broadcom® TurboQAM™ technology super-charges 2. As you might expect, BitTorrent’s juggling of ports and protocol encryption features get in the way of your home router identifying BitTorrent traffic, too. 1. TUF Gaming motherboards are built to survive and thrive on every battlefield. Everything else is much faster on the Asus with the exception of torrents. (be it a single file or a folder with no. There are some desktop applications which can throttle bandwidth per application on the current computer. my ISP offered 200 mbps however the dlink only supported 100 mbps. 0 Mbps - recommended for HD quality To set it up with an ASUS router like the RT-N800HP, the process is really quite simple, as all you need to do is plug in your router, connect your router to a laptop, and you will be brought to a setup wizard. My speed was 5. They went so far as to create their own internet speed testing tool: Fast. Enter the downstream bandwidth in the Downstream field for each one of the WANs. This budget-friendly router supports all features of WiFi 6 that make it the best wireless standard to date. These tests had about 10' between the router and computer. R7000 Throttling Download and Upload Speeds. In 802. How to Limit WiFi Speed for Others on D-Link Router. So there is a new update that introduced a bunch of new features and bug fixes (see details in log). On Windows OS, right click , and click “Open Network and Sharing Center”, you will see the “Wireless Network Connection”. Unfortunately, most home and small office routers don't allow very advanced editing of the QOS rules since this is a feature mostly used by larger networks with more advanced routers. 5314T. a) Singtel, use ONR, don't have IPv6, throttling is worst among 3 big telco. You should do this, of course, before implementing any bypass methods . Asus' marvelous AI Mesh capability--any two Asus routers can be connected as a true mesh. General Online Gaming Recommendations Use brand-name, wired Ethernet cards when possible - avoid Wi-Fi, especially with USB client adapters. I bought this router last year because I heard rave reviews about it, but I'm seriously bummed that my speeds are getting throttled. TUF Gaming X570-Pro (Wi-Fi) is an AMD X570 (Ryzen) ATX gaming motherboard with PCIe 4. The routers used are the Asus RT-AC86U and the Asus RT-AC88U, two of our current picks for the Best Gaming Router. . I have a Dell 7000 Series laptop running windows 10 and My current router (built into the Verizon MI424WR) does not appear to allow bandwidth throttling and I have been told that a good router is the best way to accomplish this. If you get the same speed as what Unifi Turbo provides, then you’re good. ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000: A Wi-Fi 6 Speed Demon We are no longer on the cusp of Wi-Fi 6 (otherwise known as 802. net account and perform 3-5 tests during different parts of the day. 8GHz Quad-core CPU 8 Ports $350. I have my Linksys WRT-1900AC router and it is slowing down my internet connection speed. How to see if a VPN is slowing down your internet Running a test on how a VPN impacts your internet speed is as easy (or easier) as pie and takes less time. On average, you can achieve speeds of 64. Note that your whole network will throttle to the slowest device on the AP. Speed Test With the same 100Mbps Time Fiber plan, the Asus TUF Gaming AX3000 router manages to maintain fast and consistent download speeds. Is there a way to limit the download/upload torrent speed in the router (something like setting it to 30KBps for dl, 10 KBps for upload on all torrents of each client)? Page 1 of 3 - I think my computer is throttling my download speed. Solved this issue. Turn off ALL QoS or Disable Traffic Shaping (DIR only) Asus RT-AC1200G+ Router throttling wifi. The wired performance of my previous ASUS router was identical to the ISP router. 99 , 38 Some routers come with Quality of Service (QoS) features that attempt to identify types of traffic and let you throttle them on your network. Turn off your router, and shut down any other internet-using programs on your device. The issue I am facing is : I am trying to download some files via torrents. One of the fastest routers we've tested, the Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 offers lots of gamer-friendly features, copious I/O ports, and a slick management console that lets you optimize your I currently have an ASUS AC88U Wireless Router and I think it is going out as my speed tests are very low and intermittent. 2 protocols--UDP 443 TLScrypt - average packet loss with speed throttled to 25-35mb. I have 2 desktops, and 1 laptop all running 7, connected to the same network, along with 2 game consoles, 2 tablets, and 2 smartphones. The ASUS ZenWiFi XD6 supports easy setup with the ASUS Router app for iOS and Android. Tracing route to twitch. Please refer to How to reset the router to factory default setting? to learn more. us. 11n: up t o 300 Mbps - 802. It has excellent sensitivity. 3. Now, you’ll be able to enjoy speeds of up to 4. This is the first we get to see of ASUS’s Tri-Band Smart Connect option that enables Smart Connect for automatically connecting your devices. AFTER. ” Then click save. I have an Asus router, an RT-N12/D1, flashed with Tomato firmware, handling routing, and an Engenius AC1200 AP/router, handling AP duties on my Gigabit LAN. How to Stop Verizon Throttling in 3 Minutes. I think my Asus FX505GE is broken. As for the hardware, this router features a 1GHz dual-core processor, 3,000 square feet of coverage, five gigabit Ethernet ports and 802. I found the speed to exceed 100 Mbps via speedtest, when my pc was connected directly to my cable modem. Please refer to the steps below on how to set up bandwidth limiter settings to control the speed of your client devices : Step1. Even when I disabled wireless access on the Pace, my speeds didn't to my Asus (and for U-verse TV service wireless access must be allowed on the Gateway). I would not recommend either modem or router you selected. Note: If you forgot the user name and/or password, please restore the router to the factory default status. ASUS RT-AC3200: Set-up and GUI. It’s been a while since I really got attached to a router’s aesthetic and you know that you can’t deny this. For a small price increase, you more than double the performance with the AC68U. I found out this incident when I made a test comparison by manually dialing PPOE from my laptop and speed test connection directly in the router. The wireless is just as good, you get dual-band wireless both Note: These steps are specific to my ASUS RT-AC3200 router, but they’ll be virtually the same for other ASUS routers, too. The results are entirely repeatable. Be sure to log into the Admin account on the router. The use of any VPN should cut your speed considerably, so the speed tests should show a discrepancy, with the VPN-active speed notably slower than the VPN-inactive speed. But the thing that is sure to cause some people to think that the 66U's routing code is broken is that simultaneous bidirectional throughput is only ~ 800 Mbps. 1. I have gigiblast internet and my speeds range from 50 to 260mbps, more on the lower end the last few weeks though, but it varies a lot. Much more, including static ip reservations, wake-on-LAN, port forwarding, etc. Whether wired or wireless, the internet will not test higher than 80-85Mbps. The Asus router only has 10/100 ports on it, and the CPU gets pretty overloaded, so I was contemplating doing a "big" upgrade. A speed test during a torrent. I can't yet say what I get with a full speed setup, but with the Asus XT8 I get pretty much the same speed on a Galaxy S10+ on the top floor of my house as I do next to the router (250mbps). Now that you know of the importance of an Asus router VPN, and are looking for an Asus router for your daily needs, here are a couple of routers for you to choose from: Asus RT AC87U – Overall; Asus AC3100 – Gaming; Asus RT-AC3200 – Speed; Asus AC2900 – Range; Asus AC1900 – Value; Asus OnHub – Design Hi guys, My friends internet is really laggy, and I feel that it is due to excessive use by his family. at this point, i decided to use the TLS-crypt1. A heavy workload will trip up most domestic routers and they’ll lack features a business needs like high-speed VPNs, robust file sharing, captive portals and advanced I need a WiFi router that can throttle individual users so one user cannot consume all the bandwidth. anyone using this router and any settings that you did for you to achieve the speed. 5 Mbps. From the Test box at the top of the page, select “speedtest” and click “Go!” to see your HTTP speed test results. 1. Select your router from the list under wired devices and Click the link to “Choose” that device, then change the setting below to “Allow all applications (DMZ+ mode). Works like a charm. However, Tenda is one of the most papular Wifi router. com [*. Here are some tips and tricks to get a little extra oomph out of the least sexy piece of tech you own. to/2DKiEV7SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: https://www. Its wired conention is identical to the ISP modem. The other feature of ZenBooster is the ability to extend the range of WiFi. The router is an Asus RT-A66RU gigabit. We are only testing local network speed. Step2. My neighbor is the Brighthouse tech for the area, just came over a few minutes ago with his little handheld computer, ran the same speed tests, and instantly got 150+ speeds. ) the moment I add the torrent in the torrent client (I tried Utorrent, Bittorrent, Vuze, Deluge), the file starts downloading at 1Mbps speed, but once the around 200 Page 1 of 2 - Local DNS Setup issue with ASUS router - posted in Networking: I set up my Asus RT-AC1900P router for a home network and after completing the set up, I ran the DNS Benchmark test on Hey guys, before I go into more specific detail, this is a wireless problem. ASUS RT-AC53 AC750 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Fibre-Ready Router Network Standard - IEEE 802. Step 1. Sam Cook - March 11, 2018. 5 Gb Ethernet, USB 3. But, the best part is that you can limit wifi speed in the Tenda router. It’s been a decent workhorse but wondered if I would get increased speeds with a more recent router. Once the outage was Learn how to control and configure your traffic bandwidth with ASUS QOS We have an ASUS RT-AC88U router which we use with our Virgin Super Hub 3 which is in modem mode. 9 was causing issues for users. patreon. 11a, IEEE 802. 167] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms router. My X-mode is set to ultimate, CPU max, heat management to high and Aeroactive Cooler fan speed to max. Using my own routers (Linksys EA8500 and Netgear Orbi) the best download speed that I can get over Ethernet (plugged directly into the routers) is only 75 Mbps down. 1. 2 Gen 2 Type-A and Type-C, BIOS FlashBack™ and Aura Sync RGB lighting support. 168. Trophy Points: 31. 9/mth, Package Speed 20 Mbps Upload Speed 2 Mbps Throttling Speed 2Mb Threshold 250 GB Unlimited. ;) There is option in every router configuration page. Manually uploaded the new firmware package. I lost a couple features, but gained one of the best QoS and bandwidth management systems I have seen on a router to date. Anybody, who wants savor reasonably fast network with all basic network features and add-ons like VPN, Parental Controls and more, but without breaking the bank might consider purchasing it. Everybody uses Ookla, and The ASUS RT-AC68U is the world's fastest Wi-Fi router, with combined dual-band data rates of up to 1900 Mbps. We’ve eliminated every variable except for the router, yet still, we’re seeing 130mbps on our LAN ports. That’s why you want separate AP names for 2. Router firmware options such as DD-WRT and Tomato allow you to gain more control over what your router can do, potentially improving your speed. net. 8GB/s and within a 5,500 square feet coverage. com: Customer reviews: ASUS RT-AX89X AX6000 Band WiFi 6 Router, 802. For throttling bandwidth on your internet connection, there are mid range home router I can stream full HD through the router over the 1Gbps ports and it took 4 and a half minutes at 120 MB/s to transfer 11. **Speed improvements vary by VPN protocol, router, local internet speed, location, distance to router, and ISP throttling. *. At 2. From a wireless point of view the Asus RT-AC68U would also be an Make the most of your connection speed by prioritizing online tasks for better performance. 50mbps and had set the resolution to 480 !! ive tried Netflix via My router is an ASUS RT-N66U. Figuring out the best one for your situation can improve your network’s reach, speed, and reliability. The first step in detecting traffic throttling is to establish a baseline speed for your internet connection. Re: Nomad Internet AT&T Throttling Post by Myshkin » Sun Nov 22, 2020 9:50 pm Yeah that's what I figured with googling do you know anywhere to get an AT&T plan that's not throttled that or verizon seems to be the only usable solution for my house. Step3: Go to [Wireless] > [General] >Band (select 2. 168. Every GPU or CPU will throttle at a certain load, but this bar in Rog 2 has been set pretty high. So the video signal route is from PC to router to TV, all cable. Not everyone needs the outrageous performance or truckload of features our top picks offer. When a VPN encrypts your traffic, it goes undetected by your ISP. actually there are many differencies not reported in the review of lisa gl704gw have a totally different amount of throttling curve, in my test it does not throttle NEVER, Asus AC3100 RT-AC88U Router. The second computer will now get a new IP address from the 'router to That speed is what the customer paid for and is what they deserve to have. 11ac technology has matured since the release of the RT-AC66U. It's a 60 fps game and not 120, but with high running dynamics. Just installed a RT-AX86U and have 1G / 1G. And if you care to read the OpenVPN Router Speeds thread, there are many people who can confirm it manages 50 megabits per second with ease. Asus router not getting full speed. I would like to stick to ASUS for the above reason, mainly WiFi numerous apple products but also hard wired for current ATV4K, PS5 and series x. Finally, run the WAN to LAN test: Next, factory reset the 'router to test' (you want the router back in "Router" mode with default settings). 9Mbps. Here are my download speeds: Steam Client: average 3. com [192. If you just want a high-speed router at a great price, the TP-Link Archer A7 is the way to go. Unboxing the ASUS RT-AC3200 Router Unboxing and assembling the ASUS RT Check your internet connection speed with the free network speed test from Verizon. This happens all the time (independent of time of the day) and seems to consistently peak out around the 75 mark (sometimes only 37 Mbps, which is suspiciously half of 75). 1) * Login with your Username & Password (You can search your default username & passw Using Asus routers, you can take advantage of PureVPN’s OpenVPN protocol. In bandwidth limiter page, you will have 4 ways to set the target for which device you want to limit. Now open the Asus router control panel by entering the appropriate URL in your browser (this is usually 168. Then share the account results link with us here. And that is consistent. 2mbps BitTorrenting: average 3. Asus. The Asus RT-AC68U Dual-band Wireless-AC1900 Gigabit Router is an excellent performer and shows that Asus's 802. I tried swapping the router/cables, changing firmware both Asus However, my desktop that is hard wired to the FIOS router with CAT6 cable won’t speed test higher than about 500 mb up/down. 130. 0 Comparing the Asus TUF Gaming AX3000 router to the Huawei WiFi AX3 router, the router does have overall better download speeds and wall penetration. The fastest Asus routers from the list above are: Asus AC2900 (RT-AC86U) [Best value router, speeds of 150+ Mbps] Asus RT-AX88U AX6000 [Fastest router with most features, speeds of 200+ Mbps] I’ve found Asus routers to be very stable with good performance, while also being easy to set up. Went to ASUS and downloaded the most recent firmware. Skip to main content. i9700k. My firmware is upto date, and I dont have(at least I dont believe I do) any crazy special settings w/ the exception of having DHCP enabled. My other computers would get around ~40-45. 5 Mbps - recommended broadband connection speed; 3. Yes. I am sure if I use sshuttle it will work, but my goal is to connect my hotspot to my Asus-Merlin router using usb tether . I don't know what other Asus routers support this update. It comes loaded with advanced features and very capable management software. This wireless router has dual-band 802. I have tested the TP-Link Mesh system in the same environment. You might want an extender that still supports legacy b/g/n devices if you choose a router that only supports 5ghz ac/6. Run a test at Speedtest. Connect your router to the AT&T Router; Log into the U-Verse Router and go to Settings -> Firewall -> Applications, pinholes and DMZ. I have Verizon Fios, my speed is supposed to be 75/50. Adaptive quality of service g. Wired and wireless. 202. Everything was fine and dandy up until about a day later when I noticed that WiFi speed had dropped dramatically. 28_10. When I go into the router page, it says: Internet status: Connected WAN IP: 192. Virginia is the server, Maryland is the client. Your first reaction is to go to your Wi-Fi router and switch it off, wait for 30 seconds and switch it on again. Go to QoS tap in Adaptive QoS function and select Bandwidth limite r in QoS type, then click apply button. All cables are newly replaced with Cat 6. Internet throttling has gotten so bad, that Netflix has been in a quiet war with the ISP world. 4GHz and 5GHz bands, respectively, and when it comes to security, both parents and security-savvy users will enjoy extras such as parental controls and web filtering levels, while OpenVPN offers secure access to your home network from anywhere you can get online. 2, Intel Wi-Fi 6, 2. I decide to Factory Reset my Asus Router! and notice that. Thread starter fatryan; Start date Nov 24, 2019; Nov 24, 2019 #1 F. That is two separate things we are talking about here. 4GHz and 5Ghz. I would get around ~20 Mbps and my provider, was at 30. 11ac technology has matured since the release of the RT-AC66U. ). Switched back to my modem router and everything was back to normal. I have opened up the Gateway firewall to allow all through to my Asus Router, but that didn't help with the speed. Please advise I have successfully configured my new BGW-210 to use the IP passthrough feature so I can use my own router (ASUS RT-AC1750). Can you check the PC to RT-N66U data rate. Get more out of your favourite games. 11n rates. Such throttling is usually a reactive measure used by ISPs and other types of communication networks to regulate a network’s traffic and alleviate network congestion. 4GHz or 5GHz), and select the [Channel Bandwidth] you want to use. in this configuration you can use the Telstra modem as an ATA only. Download and activate a reputable VPN; 3. DD-WRT has this but that is going to be difficult to talk bought this to replace a 8 year old DLink router that was causing wifi speed bootleneck due to age of the router. ASUS adds up the four maximum physical link rate numbers of 1734 Mbps on the 5GHz frequency band (in 802. Remember this so you can change settings in the future. D-Link is one of the most popular brands for networking gear and home router. If you can’t reach the Unifi Turbo speed in your speed test, then see if you have AC-WiFi available. Instead of the Verizon Quantum routers, both locations have ASUS RT-AC66U routers with VPN enabled. Setting up for a remote mobile device throttle requires some additional steps. The product was loaded with the just-released 3. a. Ah-Pin-Kor wrote: If you are using RMerlin's firmware, in the Tools tab, at the bottom, you can see the connection status of each LAN port: thank you How to Stop ISP Throttling In this section, we'll show you how to bypass ISP speed limit issues. Since my laptop wasnt my main, it didnt bother me too much. If you have a modem router or gateway, you may have to log in to your device’s online interface to turn off Wi-Fi and routing functions by putting it into bridge mode. 11ax tech also I have an Asus AC 66 R, I upgraded my firm ware to Merlin 380. I've had my router since February and have noticed that it periodically throttles my download speed whilst leaving my upload speed unaffected. e. . I found this out while the tech was still at the house, and of course we both thought that the problem was a 100 Mbps wired adapter somewhere in the mix. Take the results with a grain of salt. Traffic analysis and speed throttling i. 11ax) connectivity -- it has arrived -- just not in earnest yet. 11n, IEEE 802. Theoretically, the router becomes more efficient as it has to handle single-band frequency, and we practically did feel it. 1] 2 14 ms 15 ms 15 ms host-212-158-250-39. Previously, I needed an external (outdoors) antenna to get 3G and 4G (LTE) coverage at the cabin; but the AC55U is sensitive enough to get the same reception indoors. com/BehforRelated videos:WiFi Repeater on ASUSWRT - https:// ASUS AC3100 WiFi Gaming Router (RT-AC88U) - Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router, WTFast Game Accelerator, Streaming, AiMesh Compatible, Included Lifetime Internet Security, Adaptive QoS, MU-MIMO $213. I've called Cox about it multiple times and they can't seem to find any issues other than saying either my modem or router is bad. 5 TB Upload Speed 50 Mbps Weekend Internet Unlimited YouTube Package Speed 500 Mbps Throttling Speed 50Mb. Wireless over 5Ghz, I can't get over 300Mbps on the Speed Test app using Galaxy S21 Ultra which is connected at 5Ghz 160mhz within 10ft. I recently updated my firmware after ages at 1. ] The Asus AC1900 Dual-Band Gigabit WiFi Router (New, Open Box) is an award-winning router that’s ready to keep up with your household’s WiFi demands. I think the WiFi Blast product was claiming that it could combine the two frequencies (channels) of the router and boost internet connection speeds. My upload speed has always been cut from 20mbps down to 2mbps but I don't upload much so it hasn't been a factor. Unboxing the ASUS RT-AX82U. Is there any way to limit the bandwidth on that computer ? The router in use is Digicom Wireless Router, Model no. 2 DDNS: GO So I assume that means that it is working fine. Egress Bandwidth - The max and the min upload speed which through the WAN port, default number is 0. When I unplug my desktop and plug into a basic windows laptop, I get speeds 900-980 up/down. Any help shall be greatly appreciated. For instance, if you thought your T-Mobile One Plan "unlimited" data plan gave you the ability to watch full-resolution videos all month, think again. Admins can see graphs of current a Today we have the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and also the ASUS ROG RAPTURE GT-AX11000 wireless router, which we are using as part of our setup to test the WiFi 6 speeds. The bandwidth boosting feature works only when ZenBooster is being used as a router. Traffic analysis and speed throttling i. e. Much more, including static ip reservations, wake-on-LAN, port forwarding, etc. After booting up and installing my new Asus router and running the cable thru the router I retained the good speed to the desktop until there was a service outage. I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but it's been The network is Ethernet hard cable, not Wifi, so I bypassed everything and connected the cable from the router directly to the TV and there was still stuttering. The Asus RT-AC88U is a dual-band router that can sustainably deliver high data transfer speeds up to 1000 Mbps in 2. It’s an AC2600 dual-band 4×4 router with the top speed on the 5GHz band of up to 1733Mbps and on the 2. 0. 6 GHz CPU. Specifications. 0. This Asus router boasts superfast 5GHz speeds, and the 802. Restricting bandwidth on your Linksys router can help prevent a single computer or device from bogging down your Wi-Fi network during periods of heavy use. It can do much better QoS and throttling than any router available in its price range. I pay for 250/250 which I got when I setup the LAN for the first time but after having that speed for maybe about a month it throttled down to 100/100. Don't take your internet service provider's word for it concerning your upload and download speeds. I suppose to get 100 mbps but the actual test from router is 14mbps download and 25mbps upload. The 'router to test' will see your LAN as the WAN. Even if you do not have any Wi-Fi 6 clients to fully enjoy the benefits of the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard (also known as 802. Create a login to the router. Also I know this isn't super new or anything but better late than never. Warp speed from this Wi-Fi 6 router? Not quite. He's experiencing the same thing. Medium service is classified as 12 to 25Mbps and is best USB tether to Asus Merlin possible? I was able to connect to the openshh server in termux using putty and set up my proxy in windows 10 without a problem, but it still detects it as hotspot data. If not, then please get a new router. This gives you buffering problems. Something in the Pace software must be throttling my speeds to the router. Assign more bandwidth to important uses like downloading or gamin Hi I have been using a ASUS rt-n66u dark knight with a hub3 for around 8 years, 350mb and modem mode. I was thinking to buy a Pfsense box but the install progess is to much work for me. Here are my PC and network specs. Speed: 802. I was also using this router when we had Teksavvy's service, and there were no issues. Speed tests using the customer’s own router, however, continued to Hello, I have an ASUS RT-AC66U. Page 2 of 3 - I think my computer is throttling my download speed. 0. 4GHz . The ASUS RT-N12 wireless router boasts performances such as outstanding long-range coverage with a built-in signal amplifier. 5 Mbps - required broadband connection speed; 1. My Spectrum cable internet is 200Mbps and I get that speed when wired directly to desktop from modem. Future proof your home by taking advantage of the discounted Asus RT-AX92U today! Don't get me wrong the download speed for updates etc is nearly 10 times the speed of my previous ISP. CAPPED UPLOAD 4. We are constantly hitting our ISP's bandwidth cap (1TB) each month. Then they bumped it up to 50 megs for free and I would still get ~20. 5mb DL's to 4mb DL's in a typical well seeded torrent. Did a factory reset and set up a new network using all my old settings. Compare the speeds shown on the two different pages. 9/mth. 11ac Wi-Fi on board for speeds up to 1,750 Mbps—that’s plenty fast for most users. 0, 1 x USB 3. Going through my ASUS RT-N56U, it drops to 80 down/10 up and I've tried nearly everything (factory reset, updating firmware, multiple reboots and tweaking in router settings, and made sure I'm using a good LAN cable). com. Please keep in mind that Hughesnet will only accept testmy. 168. I have tried 2 different wireless cards one usb (TP-link n150) and a PCI-e (asus pce-n15), both with the latest drivers available. A screenshot straight after stopping the torrent. asus. Then you’d better to read FAQ 690 and FAQ 468 to learn more about the Wi-Fi speed. The router was not detecting an available new version. Hard wired, no issues 950 / 950 down. 0 port? Thanks for the help. 4 GHz band. As you already learned, throttling requires separating traffic into different buckets, and limiting speeds for some traffic. 5mbps HTTP Browse This week, the company has expanded its router lineupwith the RT-AC87, a new 802. I've had it for about 5 years or so. 2. If you do not obtain the expected speed, review ethernet driver settings in the OS. @robson Costco has some of the new WiFi6 routers and extenders. Use IE, Opera or FF to manage the router. Any settings For instance, if you have a connection of 10 Mbps then your speed will fluctuate and at times you may find it around 8 Mbps and sometimes around 9-10 Mbps. 0/3. It sounds like the ASUS router is causing the low speed. returned and bought a TPLink router priced similarly and whoa-la i have 300 The Asus GT-AXE11000 (bottom) is a lightly larger version of the GT-AX11000. ** Checkout the VPN Accelerator's speed test results in our blog How to Increase Your VPN Speed. However, it should also be noted that most ISPs know when a user starts a speed and for the time being, stop throttling. QoS is intended to enforce bandwidth throttling by implementing priority rules such as by application/protocol, by client, etc. NitroQAM Technology boosts the signal strength to improve ping and reduce latency for uncompromised performance. In my house, we have 25 devices connected at all times to 3 Eeros. In fact, the mobile data network typically I have both a Nighthawk modem and Router(R6700v3). Band 2. By. If you need some more recommendations for a new modem or router, check out some of our favorites: Best Wi-Fi Routers; Best Wi-Fi 6 Routers I have the sibling RT-N53 router (no USB port) and the throughput was lousy until the most recent firmware, FW_RT_N53_3004_374-311 (note, this is for the RT-N53 router), was applied. 104. Performing speed tests using the new router produced far better results – with download speeds of between 400Mbps and 500Mbps. NordVPN will work on most Wi-fi routers, but for a streamlined and secure experience we’d recommend some of the high-quality VPN routers available on flashrouters. These are the results taken this morning. My NIC card is built into the Asus x-99 deluxe motherboard of my computer. Run a speed test to check the baseline internet speeds your home is getting. 23Mbps with downloads and 27. The functionality is there no problem (I can access my internal network and the internet just fine), but the speeds are slowing down from over 900mbps to around 500mpbs. Just as a note, my internet speed is rated at 50/50Mbit/sec. While all that drives its price up somewhat, it's Here's how to stop Verizon internet speed throttling in just a few minutes. In-store pickup & free shipping. i got addition 100mpbs speed boost. *] 3 16 ms 17 ms 10 ms 63. ) are not evenly divisible by the per-channel rate of DOCSIS 2. Now with the Asus I'm lucky to hit 200kbps in a well seeded torrent. Then my provider pumped up to 100 megs and I noticed big time. Superhub 4 (In modem mode) Asus RT-AX86U Router (I am connected Visit your local Best Buy at 6300 E Highway 191 in Odessa, TX for electronics, computers, appliances, cell phones, video games & more new tech. 4. My personal feelings are I am paying for the Data, let me decide if I want to watch a self help video at 360 or 480p. BEFORE 2. Ingress Bandwidth - The max and the min download speed through the WAN port, default number is 0. According to Asus, the RT-AC87 is Telkom’s uncapped packages allow for a certain amount of data to be downloaded at the line’s maximum speed, before lowering this rate to lower speeds. dslgb. Asus' marvelous AI Mesh capability--any two Asus routers can be connected as a true mesh. 0 Mbps - recommended for SD quality; 5. . When i hardwire my laptop directly into the modem, I get these speeds. 1 cable modem like the ARRIS Surfboard SB8200 and a Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6 router like the Google Nest Wi-Fi or ASUS RT-AX86U. i bought this ASUS router considering it supported 300mbps connections, however after replacing the most i could get from this is 150 mbps. Asus AC2600 BRT-AC828 DUAL-WAN VPN WI-FI ROUTER – HIGH-END BUSINESS ROUTER WITH LOADS OF FEATURES AT A HIGH-END PRICE Using a simple home router at work isn’t a great idea. It needs to be either small business class or consumer grade, i. First, to stop an ISP from slowing down your connection, you need to use a VPN (or Virtual Private Network) service. annoyingly when comparing the speed from speedtest the speed does rise with the ASUS router than when it's running the Asus router is throttling internet speed - posted in Networking: I am on my 2nd Asus router due to this issue. 4 GHz and 5 GHz. Threshold 1. 58 because my router kept limiting my connection speed via wifi and router port to 10mbps connected directly to wall router I get 50mbps. Other, much older routers are capable of throttling users and I dont see why EERO wouldnt be able to. With trade-in of old ASUS router, RT-AX86U ($14/mth) with 1GB fiber $39. 4. . If they can’t see what you’re doing, then they can’t deliberately reduce your speed. Last night I was trying to watch Netflix via my smart tv app and it was so slow loading anything and buffering really bad , the steam was coming through at 0. Router-based, free lifetime anti-malware and anti-virus through Trend Micro. It means, giving connect to others will make your internet slow. However, everything that connects through my Asus router connected to the bridge port (port 1 on the T3200M) sees a maximum speed of 100 Mbps. I have a linksys e2500 router with the latest firmware. 4GHz: 750 Mbps. Now I rarely ever get close to ISP speeds. The ASUS RT-N18U comes with a powerful Cortex A9 800Mhz processor (which also powers ASUS’ premium routers), 128MB of flash memory and 256MB of RAM. I am looking to recommend him a router that can view which device is using a lot of his precious bandwidth, and be able to throttle it. ASUS router can be bought RT-AX88U ($13mth), 1GB fiber $39. 1. Step 3. Re: Router Throttling Speed? Tue Aug 26, 2014 10:42 pm Nope, you want a Gigabit switch on your local LAN, not 100Mb/s and you want to let it autoneg so that it will autoneg the 802. That's 1900 Mbps of concurrent wireless power! *To get the best performance, pair RT-AC68U with ASUS PCE-AC68 client card Do more at once with dual-core processors inside Hi mayln, i brought this router during comex, was on a Singtel 1gbps plan but i was only able to get around 500plus mbps DL speed from it through wired connection. Could not update Windows on all three laptops via WiFi OR ethernet. I bought a second hand Rt-ac1200G+ router and connected it up to my modem router. And a router: ASUS RT-N66U My motherboard: ASUS Maximus VI Formula (Onboard Lan: Intel I217-V 10/100/1000 MBPS) Now I recently just got an upgrade to my internet from 100/5 DL/UL to 300/20 DL/UL from TWC. Re: BT Fibre 900 Upgrade / Smart Hub 2 upload throttling. 16gb ram. Honestly, if you know of something another router can do via hardware or firmware, this one probably does it as well. And just to show, I attached some pictures of 2 1GB downloads from 2 separate Forum discussion: hi im using asus rt68u merlin with 1gig of service. j. throttling from a MyBroadband reader HKBN_SETUP_ROUTER_ASUS_ENG_230315 Connecting to ASUS Router 2 Connecting to ASUS router Make sure you have a LAN cable connected from the HKBN wall plate/ONT to the WAN port of your ASUS Router (RT-N56U). The wireless signal is very good, however I have had an issue setting up my new brother printer/scanner as a network device on the Asus where it was just plug and play on the AirPort Extreme. This "internal" IP address will only be recognized by other devices connecting to the same local network. I currently have a 5GHz frequency on my router and a 2. I've verified that the firewall and the wifi of the modem are both turned off. The default value is 512 Kbit/sec. May-be it's time to move on. 11ac, IPv4, IPv6 Product Segment - AC750 complete AC performance: 300+433 Mbps Coverage - Medium homes Data Rate - 802. Amazon. Use a USB data cable to connect your phone to a USB port on your router. Bundled with ASUS TUF Gaming AX3000 WiFi-6 Router (Worth $399) Custom Routing for Ultra-Low Latency FREE : Termination Point Installation (Worth Up to $160. Once finished, switch on the power supply for the The Asus RT-AC68U Dual-band Wireless-AC1900 Gigabit Router is an excellent performer and shows that Asus's 802. 0 port. DURING 3. As well as 1) throttling bandwidth, I would also like to use the router as a way to 2) extend my wireless network, and would be pleased if there was a way to 3) reliably I just bought the Asus rt-ac3200 with Merlin and the speeds are between around 40Mbps (ISP speed: 200 Mbps). 11ac dual band technology for a combined speed of 1900 Mbps. f. tv. 1) In the sidebar, click on VPN in the Advanced Settings Asus Router Pptp Vpn Setup more governments spy on their citizens, ISP´s sell your browsing history and hackers try to steal your information or your Bitcoin - you need to protect yourself with a encrypted VPN connection when you access the internet. Joined Top Asus Routers. By the way, the Asus RT-N18U has a single core Arm-9 CPU at 800 Mhz. Throttling is best defined as when your Internet Service Provider (ISP) intentionally slows the speed of your broadband internet connection. - posted in Networking: Excellent, good find . 4GHz, up to 600Mbps (or 800Mbps for TurboQAM-ready clients). 101. But the main feature (at least for me) is the Bandwidth Limiter for clients!!! 0. The router is amazing good for streaming with vpn. 8GHz Quad-core CPU 8 Ports 3 - ASUS RT-AX88U/AX6000 WiFi Gaming Router 6000 Mbps 1. That way, you may actually experience a speed increase when using services your ISP is throttling. 1. For those who don’t want to pay the steep price for the Asus AC3100 RT-AC88U router, another alternative is the AC1900 RT-AC68U. 4GHz frequency band for an extra 600 Mbps, and then—in true marketing fashion—rounds it off to 2400. Hey team, I upgraded to Fibre 900 today. First time accepted submitter DeathByLlama (2813725) writes "Years ago I made the switch from DD-WRT to Tomato firmware for my Linksys router. 3. ovpn configuration files from this page. 7 after I had read that 1. Try the Asus AC5300 DD-WRT FlashRouter or — for a lower price-point — consider using the NordVPN Netgear R6700 DD-WRT FlashRouter. 168. To help the Hughesnet Customer Service Reps get a head start on your speed concerns, you should create a testmy. ASUS Debuts ZenWiFi AX Mini Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router With Sub $300 Pricing BECOME A PATRON ASUS has unveiled a new mesh Wi-Fi system that promises to deliver wireless connectivity everywhere, securely. 19 Top Asus Routers. UDP 1194 TLScrypt - average packet loss with speed throttled to 25-35mb ASUS RT-AC86U Dual Band Router Conclusion: What can I say about this router but damn, it was way better than I expected! I have used a lot of routers both wireless and wired and both for home and commercial use. When plugged in via ethernet I can get about 35 megabit but when going wireless, I'll be lucky if I hit 14 megabit. Based on my several hours long sessions on Asphalt 9 it never happened. If you are using a D-Link router at your home, you can easily configure it using its built-in web interface. If you’re in the market to purchase a new modem or router, we recommend a DOCSIS 3. If you own Alexa or if you plan to, in the future, consider buying a router that supports Alexa Voice Commands. ISP internet is 600-700mbps. Run an internet speed test; 2. 2. So to block throttling, all you have to do is prevent your ISP from viewing and separating your traffic. This router makes troubleshooting so simple it's almost sad that it didn't give me any trouble to shoot! I had an old AirPort Extreme (2011 or earlier) and recently replaced it with the Asus N66U router (the non-AC version) because of good reviews. Right click on the Lan connection symbol on the lower right hand corner of the monitor, select "Open Network and Sharing Center" and when the panel comes up, select the "Local Area Connection" to determine what the PC to RT-N66U data rate shows. Unidirectional throughput is 10 - 15% lower than the chart-topping RT-N56U. Could you recommend other routers that would provide better speeds from the router through the USB 3. If your Asus router model has a USB 3. I can currently do this The ASUS did about average in the short distance throughput tests, having an average throughput of 45 Mbits/s in the line of sight test and 44 Mbit/s in the obstructed version. The router boasts a speed of 1. Others charge an overage fee; for example AT&T’s runs $10 for each 50 GB of data consumed per month. These are the steps for installation: Download PureVPN. 11ax 6000Mbps, Lifetime Free Internet Security, AiMesh, MU-MIMO, 8 Gb LAN, Dual Ports (10GBase-T & 10G SFP+), VPN, Gaming. my Gaming Preference in Asus Router that actually make this problem! I using back my Asus Router!! Here the result from proper Setup. Hello, Since November 2018 have I been having issues with my ethernet speed. Then, select “bittorrent” from the Test box and select “Go!” to see your BitTorrent test results. Simply unbox the pre-paired units, plug them into power at their locations, and fire up the app to finish setup in just a few quick steps. You can certainly buy a D7 or D9 at considerably more than the Gargoyle router but is not going to work at QoS throttling as well. Therefore, many people use Tenda in their home and office. 4GHz and 2167 Mbps in the 5GHz band, which is sufficient for gaming and twitch streaming simultaneously. 3. And here’s the interesting part: While the GT-AX11000 is a high-end Wi-Fi 6 router — it has an additional 5GHz band — the GT-AXE11000’s tri-band configuration is the norm of a Wi-Fi 6E router. . Protocol-You can choose the TCP protocol or UDP protocol or both of them. A screenshot showing my capped upload proving i am not saturating my upload speed. i did resetting many times but in no Problem is that one of the computers on the network consumes a lot of bandwidth - due to constant downloads - severely limiting the network speed on other devices on the network. 11n performance from 450 Mbps to 600 Mbps with compatible devices. Specifications. Router and Wired Configurations Some things to try: - Log into the routers web page at 192. Just follow the following steps to control bandwidth, * Go to router’s admin page (https://192. 50) For New Customers . com. 0. 2. 05Mbps for uploads in the same space. Some of my housemates are heavy torrent downloaders, up fear that it might eat up my multiplayer bandwidth. It's been throttling my internet connected via wi-fi from previously 300mbps to a mere 35mpbs now. Ideally we want enough power that your phone battery wouldn’t drain, even with some screen-on time while connected to the router. Legally, your ISP can’t slow all your traffic if you’re paying for a specific internet speed (100Mbps for example). My last 30 speed tests in the Eero app show only two times I was getting close to what I am paying for. Thanks. See what all the excitement is about and experience faster VPN speeds with Sabai Technology's VPN Accelerator today! Features item 3 ASUS RT-AX88U/AX6000 WiFi Gaming Router 6000 Mbps 1. The Asus RT-AC86U is a fast and powerfull router with tons of features trough an extremely user-friendly interface which this review only scratched the surface. Unfortunately, I have a modem router so it's impossible to separate the two :( I've also lost 25% of my connection speed since buying this modem/router, which is a tad annoying!! My old modem gave me just under 4Mbps download speed, the new (LinkSys) only gives me 2. 11b, IEEE 802. Note: If using dd-wrt, or on Wi-Fi, check our wireless network speed tweaks, some of the advanced router settings are applicable to wired connections as well. And it’s available now for $79. RTX 3080. This Asus 4G router can be great, if configured correctly. 2. *. UDP 1194 - high packet loss with speed throttled to 12-23mb. 9. 4 GHz, it's 33% faster than generic wireless-N900 routers, reaching 600 Mbps, while on the 5 GHz band it blazes to 1300 Mbps - or triple 802. i troubleshoot and found that the antivirus on the com is throttling the speed, after uninstalling it. I feel like it's throttling, as the tests are very stable and feel like they don't want to go over a certain speed. net and the official Hughesnet speed test results. You can modify all these options yourself without any assistance from your Internet service provider (ISP) . I do get the full 20 Mbps up. fatryan [H]ard|Gawd. Solution for protecting various streaming services from throttling. The RT-AC5300 brought about a cool spider design concept, so the RT-AX11000 didn’t really wow me much anymore because they looked pretty much the same, just with a different color scheme. Run another speed test to see if you get a different result; If your speeds are significantly lower than normal and you can’t explain the problem after following the steps in the troubleshooting section below, the odds are that your connection is being throttled. I’m on the m200 broadband and all of my streaming services are running fine. 1. All has worked superbly until recently when our ethernet connection slowed from its usual 200mbps or so download speed, to around 70-95mbps. Following up on my findings regarding the 80-85Mbps speed cap on this router Brother in law just got another one of these routers and hooked it up to his 100Mbps internet. j. Find out how fast your internet is, and see how it compares to Fios and DSL connections. I get 100ms on any game that I play, no matter where the servers are. 60 Mbps after upgrade from Windows 7 I recently upgraded from home laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad W520) from Windows 7 to Windows 10. 4. Parental controls h. Additionally, all Cable modems have some kind of throttling because the speeds offered by ISPs (30x5, 100x8, etc. b). ASUS launched its very affordable wireless router – ASUS RT-AC53 AC750 quite a while ago. If I exceed my data limits then throttle me to the 3Mbs. limited budget, approximately $100 or less. Fist of all I own the Asus RT-AC68U. - posted in Networking: I hope this is the correct forum for this post. This is understandable for my Wi-Fi units, but it does the same to the wired units too. Connectivity: 4 x Gigabit LAN, 1 x WAN, 1 x USB 2. 1x flow control. The method for restricting bandwidth On a side note, I was just reading reviews of the Asus RT-ACRH13 router, and everyone is complaining about the speed of disk access from the router to the USB 3. While not the same thing as bandwidth throttling, some ISPs with a data cap policy throttle the Internet speeds of their customers who exceed their monthly data allowance. But as soon as I plugged in the router, it dropped under 50. If you choose the less expensive alternative, it is important to note that you will see VPN speeds approximately 75% less than the Asus AC3100 RT-AC88U model due to a less powerful Today’s Wi-Fi routers broadcast in two different frequencies: 2. My network router, a Linksys WRT54G v2 wired/wi-fi router, is throttling my download speeds terribly. 0, dual M. Just wanted to check if it's normal to get such a big difference between wired and wireless since the limitation of AC68 was rated 1300 Mbps so I thought there's something wrong with my wireless connection (half the speed of wired). We recently got our speed out of the modem up to 950mbps, our ac66u (Asus RT-AC1750) supposedly supports gigabit, but we are being throttled to 130mbps on our LAN ports. 103. Posted May 31, 2017 So I switched from an Archer 9 to an Asus RT-AC88U, my DL speeds on the Archer would range from 1. And then there's this: http://www. I use Charter Cable Internet and have speeds of about 60mbps when connected directly to the cable MODEM. ASUS AX Routers & Adapters: 21: Feb 16, 2021: A: fiber connection providers parameters: ASUS AX Routers & Adapters: 1: Jul 9, 2020: K: RT-AX88U Slow WAN speed: ASUS AX Routers & Adapters: 9: Mar 19, 2021: AX88U 5Ghz wifi speed: ASUS AX Routers & Adapters: 22: Mar 14, 2021: RT-AX86U Download Speed: ASUS AX Routers & Adapters: 5: Mar 12, 2021: D: Wi-Fi speed: ASUS AX Routers & Adapters: 3 Why it is better to reset your Wi-Fi router than restart it in case your Internet speed suddenly slow down. No need to do anything. 1. 3. however, anything plugged into the router itself gets a max of maybe 250mbps including the same laptop using the same ethernet cable. 11ac: up to 433 Mbps Antenna - External antenna x 3 2. Unfair bandwidth throttling: ISPs monitor your activity and unfairly throttle your speed to give all users the same experience. 0. Been running several speed tests and I have never been past 60-80mb/s download speed. Basic service ranges from 3Mbps to 8Mbps, and will be good enough for light usage (browsing, email, video calls, streaming HD video, etc). i did reset and troubleshoot this with my isp who confirmed that router was throttling the speed. To throttle traffic, an ISP needs to see the traffic generated by a user. If yes, connect to your router’s 5GHz network (if available) and run a speed test via Speedtest. of files. I'm connected to the NBN with FTTP and have 100/40, yet it will throttle my downloads down to about 6MBps whilst leaving my uploads unaffected at around 35-37. It's a worthy upgrade for power users, but for most of us, the Netgear Nighthawk RAX120 is more router than you need. Sure enough, I update to 1. I still want to use Asus router tho, because TM router lacking alot of features for my CCTV and their Wifi Coverage and speed suck big time So. The benefit with this setup is there is no double NAT for devices connected to ASUS router. The key here is to choose a powerful router which has decent hardware, OpenVPN requires a good processor otherwise it might throttle your speed down and you wonder why your VPN provider might not deliver the speed you expect. Not the speed at which the ISP broadcasts its packets. It should read 1. 4GHz frequency. h. 4 GHz 802. Windows 10 - Network upload speed limited to 0. Now that you know of the importance of an Asus router VPN, and are looking for an Asus router for your daily needs, here are a couple of routers for you to choose from: Asus RT AC87U – Overall; Asus AC3100 – Gaming; Asus RT-AC3200 – Speed; Asus AC2900 – Range; Asus AC1900 – Value; Asus OnHub – Design The Asus Blue Cave has powerful hardware. Then after say 3 months of that consistency, the auto speed test would show say 5 days out of the week with speeds close, the the other two days would show much slower speeds, say around 150down/135up. I used the SG TCP Optimizer long ago (when my speeds were 150/15), I reset to default windows settings and now my speed tests immediately hit 900. I still have the same problem even after change. If i dial a PPPoE connection directly on my laptop, or use my netgear router, i get the ful The default value is 512 Kbit/sec. . I can get the provisioned speed from everthing but the Asus LAN ports upload with a sickning amount of bufferbloating. top work j2nice78 There is no built in feature in Windows for doing this. There is no problem with the Virginia site -- testing with speedtest shows about 600 Mbps throughput. 5 Mbps and now it's 39-72 Mbps (long distance wireless + lots of noise around me). 6. If test the FIOS-g1100 plugged into Asus LAN to FIOS-G1100 WAN I get 80+Mbps up and down with no bufferbloating as well from dslreports speed test. These routers have integrated WTFast, which can be controlled using the router's C:\Users\Keith>tracert twitch. asus router throttling speed